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Good oral hygiene is of the utmost importance. It not only helps our teeth and gums, good oral hygiene contributes to your overall health. It’s important that we develop good habits and routines when it comes to oral hygiene. How do you ensure that your mouth is as healthy as possible? There are many different answers to this question, several of which are covered below. Here are some keys to good oral hygiene in Sauganash, Illinois.

While over-the-counter teeth whitening kits can produce satisfactory results, they typically pale in comparison to results using professional teeth whitening techniques. If you’re looking to utilize the services of a professional teeth whitening dental practice in Lincoln Square, Dental Innovations is a great place go. Are you trying to decide whether you should go with a professional treatment vs. a DIY approach? Here are five reasons why choosing a professional teeth whitening treatment may be the best course of action.

Imagine this: You went to the dentist for a routine teeth cleaning, and you just found out that you have a cavity. You might be nervous at the thought of your next appointment; however, having a cavity filled isn’t as bad of an experience as you might think. To ease your mind, we’re going to discuss the entire cavity filling process. We’ll cover not only the procedure itself, but also the recovery associated with it.

Bad oral hygiene damages your teeth and gums, but these aren’t the only things that are impacted. The fact of the matter is that bad oral hygiene can have negative effects on your overall health. Curious as to what some of these negative effects might be? Need an incentive to practice good oral hygiene in Lincoln Square? Read on!

In the past, it was necessary for dentists to poke and prod at your teeth and gums with uncomfortable metal tools. These days, however, technology has progressed to the point that these old-fashioned tools are often not needed. Instead, dentists can often use laser technology to...