The Benefits of Good Oral Hygiene


The Benefits of Good Oral Hygiene

While practicing good oral hygiene obviously benefits your teeth and your gums, it doesn’t just stop there. Practicing good oral hygiene has a number of health advantages, benefiting your entire body and the overall state of your health.

Curious as to what these advantages are? The following are just some of the benefits of good oral hygiene in Lincoln Square, Chicago.

Reduced Risk of Gum Disease

One of the most obvious benefits of good oral hygiene is a reduced risk of gum disease. Those who don’t brush their teeth and floss on a regular basis are susceptible to conditions such as gingivitis and periodontitis.

Over time, these diseases can cause bleeding, swelling, bad breath, tooth loss, and other problems.  Simply sticking to your daily oral hygiene routine can help you avoid these conditions.

Reduced Risk of Tooth Decay

Another benefit of good oral hygiene is a reduced risk of tooth decay. Those who eat sugary foods and forego brushing and flossing will often develop cavities, and in the long-run might even start to lose teeth.

If you want to keep your teeth strong, and healthy, good oral hygiene is essential.

Reduced Risk of Heart Disease

What you might not realize is that oral health may have an impact on your cardiovascular health as well. While studies are still inconclusive, they show that there is a relationship between the two. Research shows that those with significant dental issues suffer more heart attacks and strokes than those without.

Brushing and flossing are a good starting point in promoting whole-body health.

Reduced Risk of Diabetes

There is also a fairly well-known link between poor oral health and diabetes. what’s the connection between bad oral health and diabetes? Gum disease.

As gum disease arises, it causes blood sugar levels in the body to increase. One indicator of diabetes is having too much sugar in the blood, so the connection is fairly clear.

If you already have diabetes, or if you’re at risk for diabetes, you may want to take your oral hygiene very seriously.

Reduced Risk of Lung Disease

Several studies have shown a connection between lung disease and bad oral health. As the gums become inflamed, and as bad bacteria arise, it can travel to the lungs. These bacteria can remain within the lungs, and can eventually cause an infection.

In addition to respiratory infections, bad oral hygiene can lead to pneumonia and bronchitis as well. These are serious and painful conditions.

Reduced Risk of Alzheimer’s

One last medical condition that has been linked to bad oral hygiene is Alzheimer’s disease. When the gums are neglected, they can become inflamed. When this inflammation occurs, chemicals can be released from the gums and can travel to the brain.

Faced with prolonged exposure to these chemicals, certain parts of the brain can start to deteriorate. Over time, this may result in memory loss. While brushing and flossing won’t entirely eliminate the onset of dementia or Alzheimer’s, they can help.

Schedule an Appointment with a Dentist in Lincoln Square, Chicago

Part of practicing good oral hygiene is scheduling twice-yearly dental checkups and cleanings with a licensed dentist. These inspections and cleanings will keep plaque to a minimum, and will alert you to any possible problems.

Are you interested in scheduling a dental appointment in Lincoln Square, Chicago? If so, Dental Innovations would love to see you.  In addition to focusing on your oral hygiene, we consider your overall health by conducting blood pressure tests and screening for oral cancer as well.

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