Insights from a Skokie Dentist; Things You Need to Know About Preventing Tooth Decay


Insights from a Skokie Dentist; Things You Need to Know About Preventing Tooth Decay

Tooth decay is the most common oral health issue. We have a ton of sweets, sodas, and acidic foods at our disposal, and they can be very hard to turn down. We try to maintain a strong dental hygiene routine, but our teeth may still start to show signs of decay. With tooth decay, the protective enamel on the surface of the teeth is eroded, and the tooth itself starts to lose its structural composition. Soon enough, the rot can reach the pulp of the tooth and you’ll start to feel pain. In this article, we’re going to cover everything you need to know about the best tooth decay prevention strategy.

Finding the Right Products

Besides a diligent dental health routine that includes both flossing and brushing, you will need to take additional steps to prevent tooth decay. There are several products such as sealants, special toothpastes and rinses and pH neutralizers that your dentist may recommend. The best product choice will depend on your particular situation, and with a proper prevention strategy, you can maximize tooth protection.

Creating the Right Strategy

Tooth decay occurs due to a combination of many factors. It occurs as a result of  weakened  teeth structure, bacteria that produce acids, a diet high in sugars or carbohydrates and dry mouth. As such, a tooth decay prevention strategy should focus these main areas of prevention:

  • Protecting teeth from decay – The best way to protect teeth from decay is by applying fluoride to the teeth throughout the lifetime of the teeth. This allows the teeth to absorb the fluoride into their surface, which will have a strengthening effect. Studies have shown that controlled amounts of fluoride in low doses are both effective and safe. Sealants, especially on children, when permanent teeth first erupt, may also be used for this purpose, because they are effective at infiltrating remote areas of the teeth’s surface and block any fissures or hidden pits.
  • Controlling the diet – Sugars and carbohydrates will be fermented by various species of bacteria in order to produce acid. As such, it is important to reduce the amount of refined sugars in the diet. This type of diet control can take many forms—from restricting sugar intake to specific mealtimes, to replacing sodas, candy, and other sweets with natural sugar found in fruits and vegetables. Snacking between meals may also be restricted, because this habit encourages an acidic environment.

Treating tooth decay gets more complex as decay gets larger (bigger), possibly turning onto a crown, root canal or extraction. Early assessment by regular oral exams is essential to prevent complicated and expensive dental procedures. Set up an appointment in the Ravenswood/North Center/Lincoln Square area for prevention/treatment as soon as possible, contact us today. The professional team at Dental Innovations is ready to help!